Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of Kites and Friends

Friends are like kites.  No matter how high you soar, no matter how far you go, you are still attached to each other.-- mannoy

Friends are like kites. You always look up to them.

Friends are like kites. When the string broke, you look for them  and tie  better strings.

" Of Kites"

 Kites rise high against the wind, not with it.

Our imagination is like a kite

The optimist thinks of how high his kite will fly,
the pessimist thinks how soon his kite will fall.

Feel the thrill and exitement of having friends and flying kites. Try one of these ....

Large Easy Flyer, Sparky Dog, 46" x 90" XL Sport Dual Control Nylon Kite: Blue by X-Kites Prism Diamond Stowaway Kite (Supernova) Prism Butterfly

Prism TRIS Spectrum Triad Kite   Skyfoil™ Frameless Parafoil Kite: Lazer by X-Kites   Sunset 4.5' Delta   DC Sport 60 Dual Control Nylon Kite: Purple by X-Kites

CloudPleasers Nylon Kite: Clownfish by X-Kites AeroPlane 3D Nylon Airplane Kite: P-51 Mustang by X-Kites  CloudPleasers Nylon Kite: Air Inflated Dragon by X-Kites X-Kites Macaw - Red

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